WSK Harper Announces Record Deposit Rates

WSK Harper has recorded £15.7 million in bond sales in August 2017, a record for the green energy company. This however may not stand long after the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced its plan to bid out large contracts in offshore wind projects. The investment round that may surpass this record might very well be the next allocation worth £19.2 million which is currently under development according to company sources.

WSK Harper has still to determine when it will begin accepting subscriptions for the £19.2 million wind energy bonds. The recent developments contained in the October 2017 BEIS report has caused the firm to recalibrate its assessments. It could tentatively launch by the end of this month. Earlier informal statements expressed plans to receive placements during the fourth week of November.

Finding a better way

The firm was already creating investment plans for offshore wind farms even before the Clean Growth Strategy report by the BEIS came out. It could push through with its current investment plans though it would result in a general approach instead of a more specific one. By specifically targeting companies concentrating on offshore wind turbine blade technology improvements instead of the sector as a whole, WSK Harper could potentially create better returns for its clientele. This could translate to increased interest payment rates estimated to reach 6.5% to 7%. It would definitely surpass the 5.5% record set in August 2017.

Wind energy firms which are awarded projects need to start immediately. The more cost effective they are, the greater the likelihood that they would be considered for further projects. To do this quickly, they cannot turn to bank loans or wait for reimbursement payouts from the government, on costs after the project begins of course. This will delay the project delivery. This is why companies like WSK Harper offer the perfect solution for wind energy projects. They have the means to fund projects all over the country without any delay.

Good expectation

For now, interested investors would have to be content in the fact that their next investment will likely yield higher returns. In the meantime, WSK Harper might have to prepare itself to announcing that its £15.7 million investment record has been beaten by its following investment round.

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