Strong first quarter paves the way for RDT Cryptex Mining

RDT Cryptex Mining, the UK based private mining company, has announced that it has achieved a 4.2% growth for the month ending June 2016. This has surprised many, including the CEO of the start-up company. The company was not expecting to generate any profit in its first year, let alone the first quarter of the year.

Cryptomining has become the new way to acquire bitcoin. Many new companies started this initiative, however due to funding or quality of services, they have struggled to make profit. RDT Cryptex Mining however is one of the rare ones. Based in London, experts are predicting that it could become the leading mining company in the UK. Backed by a strong system and a growing team of technical experts, their first quarter yielded a strong profit margin. Upon closer inspection, it is easy to see why. Built on the foundation of an impressive investment, RDT Cryptex Mining employs the latest mining technology and equipment.

Generally, crypto mining is considered risky since verification of companies is difficult. This is because many mining companies are generally based in East Asia and have been notorious for offering fake mining services. As such, RDT Cryptex Mining has made it their priority to provide the one thing that all mining companies require: transparency.

We had the chance to speak to Malcolm Baldwin, our crypto investment specialist in London and his explanation was quite succinct.

“The biggest challenge that most mining companies face is trust. Usually it could take months for companies to build that brand through testimonies and advertising and longevity. RDT Cryptex Mining however works with a different philosophy, transparency from inception. They have a mining data center in the U.K as well as a clear and sound company profile. This allowed RDT Cryptex Mining to build this trust at a much faster rate. After all, honesty is the best policy.”

Their profit margin is expected to increase in the second quarter of the fiscal year, with the expected increase in Bitcoin value.  Bitcoin is currently priced at just over £287. We expect with increase mining and interest, within the next few months bitcoin looks destined to surpass the £400 threshold. Should this happen, RDT Cryptex Mining can expect even greater returns for the upcoming fiscal year.

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